Thursday, 11 May 2017

Loving School

Lillyana's week

I made some flower pictures for my mum to give to her on mothers day. I have been writing about cats and dogs. In class I been playing on the Ipads. At morning tea I have been playing on the play ground.

Kasey's blog


I like playing on the ipads because it has my favourite game.
My favourite game is called Talking Tom.
I like it because I get to feed him and clean him with a scrub and I play games with him.
Talking Tom is a grey cat he is fluffy and funny.


Nina's Week

This week I my class and I did hand painting we had to make a flower for our Mum's and Dad's we enjoyed it a lot. We also did some sports like tennis today. I enjoyed tennis.We did drawing we drew Abbey and the little boy.

Marei's Blog


today in my class room I was playing with my toys in the classroom.

My favourite toy I played with was the lalaloopsy.
I like playing my toys because they are colourful 
Image result for lalaloopsyand pretty  


Painting flowers by Bella

We made flowers using our hands we used orange and red. My favourite thing was painting them. I like to look at them.

Moana's Week

This week I played with Merei. I also was biking at home it was really fun. I went on a slide as well I enjoyed it.

Cutting and colouring by Jai

I coloured in pictures of Kangaroos and Kites. After that I cut them out and put them on my paper kite.