Thursday, 27 October 2016

cute animals by mila and bella.

Cute dinosaurs

I love purple and blue dinosaurs because blue dinosaurs  look cute with blue spikes and those are my favourite colours.

by Mila

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Mini cute bat

I love baby bats because they are so cute and because they can fly when they are older I would love to have a pet bat with green wings and a red body and the eyes would be pink and my those are my favourite colours.

by Bella

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Ava's cool week

This week I went swimming it was cold.
I went into Vicki's class to make sugar skull. It was fun
In fitness I jumped really high. 

Amelia- I liked doing the mini beast task because you got to choose which insect you were. I choose worms.

Khloe- I liked going swimming this week. I liked doing doggy paddle.

sam's blog

my favourite dinosaur is a gorgesaurus 
In class we have been making word. On the window there are words about everything. we can make sentences from the words an example sentence would be. we like to eat apples with Bridget. - Lennon  

james blog

my favourite dinosaur is a Carnotaurus

hanks blog

we made blossom trees in class and we made snowman. we also made numbers.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Mila loves dinosaurs

Over the past few weeks we have been learning to identify dinosaurs. How there is on land and under water. some under water dinosaur were shark dinosaur. Some onland dinosaurs are apatosaurus they have very long necks. T -rex's stand on there back legs and have tiny front ones. By Mila

Rua likes challenges.

We have been cooking and it was really tasty, And handwriting takes really long, spelling its alright its a bit hard.
Reading I like reading hard books it's fun and math.
I like all of those because there sometimes easy.
I play tag with Lennon, James, Hank, Asher, Nuku and Sam. 

By Rua

James Olympic Day

At the olympics day my favourite activity was hockey. I liked it because I got a medal. I enjoyed the olympics I won five medals I felt happy.

Lennon's blog

We have been playing tag with Hank, James.We also have been doing handwriting I liked doing handwriting my favourite part was all of it. We did work sheets they were about writing. I played with my friends at morning tea and lunch.We did maths it was fun.I really like working and playing at school it's really fun.

By Lennon 

Isabella's puppets

In class we have been making puppets. We made lots of different puppets. We had to colour them in then cut them out. They looked really cool and I had lots of fun making them.

by Isabella 

Hank at Brooklyn - Room 3

We have been making blossom trees in our class room and also we've been playing games like bingo and others.
We have been playing on the ipad a lot. I have been practicing my abc's on the ipad.
I've been working very hard on my reading and handwriting and
our class has been doing a lot of jump jam lately. - My favourite song is Power and What the Fox says!

Published by Hank in room 3 with the help of Luke.

Ava and Amelia's blog

Amelia~ This morning my class and I made some yummy cookies, My favourite part was shaping them and putting m&ms on them, I am really looking forward to eating them!

Ava~ I enjoyed playing spotty dog with my friends because it was really fun! I also am looking forward to eating the cookies!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Wonder what reading in Te Ara Toru is all about?

Hello again,
Below is some information, for you as parents to make reading more easier to understand. We hope you enjoy!

                               The reading colour wheel

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our Matariki Learning.

Welcome back to the exciting adventure that is Room 3!

We've welcomed James into our class, and we love his wonderful smile! 

Matariki is in the sky and today, we focused on this for our Discovery time, as well as our poem.

We watched some cool videos on the different legends behind Matariki, 
have a look at 2 below.

Next week, we will be learning about Marvellous Materials for the week as part of our technology/Science focus. We will be seeing which materials float and sink and which catch on fire and don't.

Thanks for checking in, until next time, 

Ka Kite Ano!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Super Science!

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs O'B who is a super Science guru! 

We did an experiment about Dripping Drops!

Our new science words we explored were

Surface Tension



Ask your monkeys about what they had to do with the red dye, the coin and the pipette! 

Healthy eating in Te Ara Toru

Welcome back to another educational and inspiring few weeks in our junior classroom!

We've been exploring healthy easting and what that means and what it looks like.
We looked at our lunches and made some fruit kebabs in our discovery time last week. Room 3 tried some new fruits such as Mangoes and Permissions- they were really yummy! 

Also, as part of our healthy eating programme, we got to go and visit Harold the Giraffe in the Life Education truck. We learnt about the food pyramid, what foods are healthy to eat and what are just "sometimes" foods. We got to look at Tam, a body where we took turns at being Doctors and found out where important parts on our body live. 

"I liked the food pyramid!" Lennon.
"I liked watching the video on Jacko's party" Ava.
"I liked when Harold was being cheeky" Leighton.
"I liked that we could talk to Harold on the TV" Jordan.
"I liked putting the food on the food pyramid and Tam" Bella. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Term 2 in Te Ara Toru!

What a lovely start back this term.

We've welcomed Lennon and Rua into our class, and now we have 13 wonderful little monkeys in here!

In maths, as well as learning our numbers 0-20 forwards and backwards, we have been learning about measurement. We've been making cylinders, and finding out how bug they need to be to fit 10 dinosaurs in them! This week, we made 20 cylinders, each one fitting a different number of dinosaurs. It's been great learning and fun too!

In our writing, we tried some tasty treats and wrote about them! 

We ate some apple slices, then tried them with peanut butter and then again with salt! It was fun to try new flavours and to see the kid's faces too! We love writing in Te Ara Toru and the kids enjoy practising their letter formations and sounding out words. 

We always have time for dress ups too, of course!! 

We did some art this week- making Crazy Birds! It's great to see the kids imagination come out! 

The last thing we want to share with you in this update is our learning of special places to us in New Zealand. We've been learning the names of our 3 Islands, and where we live. It's been so great to receive postcards from all over NZ, and even some from overseas, so thanks for your help at home.

We are about to move into Healthy Eating for the next 4 weeks, which will include a visit to the Life Education Bus, and baking of some healthy snacks- yum!!