Saturday, 30 March 2019

Week 8 Discovery Time

This week for Discovery Time, we used paint and our hands to make dinosaurs.

We shared our favourite stories form the week with our buddies.
We set up the Room 3 Cafe, making muffins and strawberry smoothies using the water trough.
We built our own homes that we shared with our friends.
We also got to watch the Seniors in their swimming races against St Peters Chanel School.

Next week we look forward to learning about how our brain works.
We are also really excited about the Brooklyn Expo and Pet Parade next Friday too!

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Discovery Time

This week we were lucky enough to have a whole bin of apples delivered to school by one of our generous Brooklyn whānau, so we pulled out the 'curly-apple machine' and got twirling!

We also worked together to build a 'Room 3 city' using the car mat and chalk to add extra roads.

Dinosaur Discovery

We have continued to discover things about dinosaurs this week.
We made dinosaur-shaped sandwiches.

We also used some clay to make our own models of our favourite dinosaur.

We carefully coloured dinosaurs.
We worked together to make a dinosaur-themed park, categorising and sorting the dinosaurs into groups.

Jump Jam with Brett

On Monday we had a visit from Brett Fairweather who is the founder of Jump Jam.
We all had a go at a few of the dances, even some of the teachers busted out some moves!

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Our Visit with the Permian Monsters!

We went to see the Permian Monster exhibit at Nelson Museum on Tuesday.
We had an awesome time!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Week 5 in Room 3

This week saw us say goodbye to Karen and our Swim for Life friends.
We have learned so many new things, how to starfish on our front and back, how to swim safely through waves, what do to if we fall into deep water, streamline swimming.

Our big finale was to swim 'sausage roll' from the deep end all the way to the shallow end without stopping, and we all did it!
We 'discovered' the letter E this week, making 'e, e, eggs in a pan', for Discovery Time.

 We followed our urge to investigate slime.

And used out student computer to practise letter formation.
Next week we go on our first trip of the year to see the dinosaurs at the Nelson Museum, EXCITING!