Thursday, 25 August 2016

Mila loves dinosaurs

Over the past few weeks we have been learning to identify dinosaurs. How there is on land and under water. some under water dinosaur were shark dinosaur. Some onland dinosaurs are apatosaurus they have very long necks. T -rex's stand on there back legs and have tiny front ones. By Mila

Rua likes challenges.

We have been cooking and it was really tasty, And handwriting takes really long, spelling its alright its a bit hard.
Reading I like reading hard books it's fun and math.
I like all of those because there sometimes easy.
I play tag with Lennon, James, Hank, Asher, Nuku and Sam. 

By Rua

James Olympic Day

At the olympics day my favourite activity was hockey. I liked it because I got a medal. I enjoyed the olympics I won five medals I felt happy.

Lennon's blog

We have been playing tag with Hank, James.We also have been doing handwriting I liked doing handwriting my favourite part was all of it. We did work sheets they were about writing. I played with my friends at morning tea and lunch.We did maths it was fun.I really like working and playing at school it's really fun.

By Lennon 

Isabella's puppets

In class we have been making puppets. We made lots of different puppets. We had to colour them in then cut them out. They looked really cool and I had lots of fun making them.

by Isabella 

Hank at Brooklyn - Room 3

We have been making blossom trees in our class room and also we've been playing games like bingo and others.
We have been playing on the ipad a lot. I have been practicing my abc's on the ipad.
I've been working very hard on my reading and handwriting and
our class has been doing a lot of jump jam lately. - My favourite song is Power and What the Fox says!

Published by Hank in room 3 with the help of Luke.

Ava and Amelia's blog

Amelia~ This morning my class and I made some yummy cookies, My favourite part was shaping them and putting m&ms on them, I am really looking forward to eating them!

Ava~ I enjoyed playing spotty dog with my friends because it was really fun! I also am looking forward to eating the cookies!