Thursday, 4 June 2015

Library books for sale, ice cubes melting and a furry visit in Room Paua! It's all go in the junior classroom!

Hello there! 
A few weeks ago, Room Paua students got creative during our reading time. Have a look at the video to see what they got unto!
Very nice video- and it ties in perfectly with  our financial literacy programme we are starting in Room Paua this week too! Gnarley, Ava and Petra have now left Room Paua and are learning well in Room Gold. We all miss you! 

On Thursday, 4th June, we explored temperature in Maths. Each student had a buddy and were asked to place 1 ice cube in what they thought the hottest part of the room was, and an ice cube where they thought the coldest part of the room is. We then kept an eye on them to see which place would melt the ice cubes first- it was a fun experience and of course they gobbled the left over ice up too! Yum! 
We found that the ice cubes melted in the hot area first, and our clever learners chose the perfect hot and cold areas, all by themselves- they chose by the door where there is a crack between the floor and door for the cold part and directly below a roof heater for the hot part. 

Out "hot" ice cube group, pulling some funny faces and trying not to lick their ice-cubes! 

Our "cold" ice cube group watching their ice cubes carefully. 

Our newest learner, Martha with her ice cube by the door. 

This morning, Friday 5th June we and a special visitor from Willow, Stevie's new kitten. The children loved seeing her explore the room and giving her a pat. Thanks Stevie! 

Conley giving Willow a cuddle.

 Quinnton getting a quick pat in. 

Sam touching Willow's soft fur. 

That's all for now- keep an eye out for our assembly item post. We shared our latest learning in Room Paua last week at assembly- we have some superstar learners here!