Sunday, 29 November 2015

Room Paua 

Martha: Ive have had fun at athletics this week. We also played Silent Ball and also been doing 
maths and my favourite was sprinting.
This morning we did a maths sheet were we had to colour in numbers. We have played some really fun games.

Milan: On Wednesday we did athletics At school I really enjoyed swimming, sack races, and high jump over a bar and onto the mat.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Milan liked going to the SPCA on Thursday and he saw some kittens.  The one on Vicki's lap is called Oscar, and the one on Sam knee is Oscar too.
"He was sniffing me and it tickled" said Sam.

Life in Room Paua is good!

In Room Paua Taylah-lee has enjoyed playing with her friends in the pool. She likes to practise her dives. She also enjoys doing her artwork they have been making some flowers. Ava Karetai has enjoyed the buddy reading that they do with the senior class and she likes doing her maths worksheets. She also likes to measure stuff in the class room. She enjoys doing fitness and likes doing step up's and running around the field.

Week 7 in Room 3

This week we have been doing some fun stuff here are some of the things we've done:

I love swimming in the pool. It is a little bit cold but I can handle it. It is warm in the little pool though and I love it - Quinton 

Yesterday I did some fitness and we played Toilet Tag and I went to the SPCA and saw some cute kittens it was really fun!!!! My favourite book is called My Brother - Sam.

Today we had Darrin teaching us and we like having him as our teacher. We have been making a King Chair. We used Boxes, Tape, Cardboard and we used staples.  - I wonder what we will use it for?

Fun in Room Paua

Room Paua

We have been going swimming. In swimming we have been diving and jumping into the pool.
In fitness we have been standing on an even number on the snake that has numbers on it. 
Nuku was the leader. 
We have been doing push ups and step ups we are finding it fun.
In class we are working on making rainbows and flowers we have also been making rainbow fish.  
We have made some cat pictures too. 
We have playing some maths games and are learning how to measure. we have been making a king chair. 
We are having fun in Room Paua.

Room 3

This week Zoe and Jordan have really enjoyed swimming in the pool. Zoe and Jordan have been diving into the pool to go get things. This morning they enjoyed stepping on the even numbers on the snake.They have also been doing lots of art, like making greedy cats! Jordan's favourite thing to do this week was writing on the whiteboards, and Zoe's favourite thing was swimming.

In Room Paua!

I liked playing with Taylor-Lee on the playground. We were playing on the monkey bars. We have done some swimming this week. I enjoyed jumping in the pool. It was fun! - Elyse

We went swimming in the Brooklyn School pool and I put my face under, we have also been diving and jumping  in the pool. It was fun! - Kaleb

Thursday, 19 November 2015

week 6 2015

We drew greedy cats. I coloured mine in rainbow.We drew it on back paper. It was fun - Kaleb j

We went swimming in our school pool. I jumped in to the pool. It was really fun - Elyse K

We went swimming. I really liked jumping in the pool. I really enjoyed swimming - Dylan 

Week 6 2015

Hi this week we have been doing some fun things. Here are some of the things we did... 

We went swimming after Athletics day on Wednesday. It was fun and cold. I did a splash into the pool - Quinton 

I went swimming too. I did a dive and it was good. Athletics was very very fun. Today we played a game called Silent Ball. It was my first time playing it and I threw it halfway up to the roof - Kayden 

My favourite thing in Athletics was Sprinting and I came first. After Athletics I went into the pool to cool off - Ava  

We love being in this class and having Bridget and Shena as our teacher. 

Week 6 2015

Nuku enjoyed atheletics especially the sack race. Sam and Caleb liked the high jump. Taylah-Lee liked playing with her toys. Caleb also really liked making his greedy cat called Midnight patch.
Room Paua athletics training
We have been doing scissor jumps for our training, we have also been doing some high jump, we have done some running too.
Our class has also been doing gymnastics. in gym we are doing  kart wheels and rolly polly's.
We have been making greedy cats in room Paua they are looking great.
We have been doing some singing. Ava likes twinkle twinkle little star. Elyse likes she'll be coming round the mountain. Nuku likes the lion sleeps tonight. Kayden likes going to the zoo. 
We have also been doing calendar art We have drawn flowers with pastel then we dyed them. 
this week we made some raro/juice we had to measure and watch it dissolve.

Nuku likes to do did  drop kicks he gets them over the goal post.
Kayden likes playing duck duck goose.
Elyse likes to play with the frisbee.
Ava likes to play parachute. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

In room Paua Conley has enjoined  making some greedy cats they are made of milk bottles.
 We also  have our junior athletics next week  and Martha has had fun training . 
Dylan has enjoined trying to catch the frisbee like a crocodile. Dylan's favourite book is Stop and he is doing really well in his reading. 
Caleb Pickett has liked doing the maths work sheets he also really enjoying the Maths games.

Room 3's happenings

On the 31st of October I went to the Book Fair. I got some good books. I had fun going on the Bouncy Castle. I found it fun going in the Halloween tunnel. I liked it when I felt a squishy thing - Taylah-lee 
We have been making Greedy Cats. We got a bottle. Then we put sand in it. Then we painted it all white. Then we drew some  stuff on it. I liked painting it - Kaleb
We have been reading books in class. Some books I have been reading are hard and easy. My favourite book is "My Brother" - Sam
I went to the Book Fair. I had an Ice cream. I went on a Bouncy castle and had so much fun on the Bouncy Castle. I hope I go next year - Jordan 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Welcome to Term 4!

Kia ora and welcome back to another fun, full on and educational term in our junior classroom!

This term we are focusing on a variety of things across the learning strands.

In Maths, the students are continuing to build up their knowledge of numbers from 0-20 and counting backwards too.
Bridget will be working out the students as they learn about Volume and Capacity- lots of measuring and working with liquids. Later in the term we will be exploring our problem solving skills.

In Reading, our goal is to see each child improve their reading levels- we have some super readers in our class, very pleasing to see! We have been doing choral reading with the senior class every day and our juniors love showing off their reading skills to the seniors! 

With our writing, we are continuing to work on letter formation, finger spaces, full stops and sounding out words. 

We have a big focus on Te Reo this term, as we will be having a Hangi in Week 9, exciting stuff!!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next week- we have lots of pictures to show you of our beautiful cloaks, our science experiments and our Reggie Veggie pictures!

We welcomed our newest member, Nuku into our class at the end of last term, which see our numbers go up to 15 students.

If you have any spare time, we would appreciate a helper in class to glue work into books, cut and prepare sheets etc- pop in and see either Shena or Bridget. 

Also a reminder that Brooklyn School's renowned Book Fair is coming up on the 31st October- all proceeds go towards the wellbeing of your children- so please help out where you can, either see Shena, Bridget or Vicki Karetai. Thanks in advance for your support!! 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Library books for sale, ice cubes melting and a furry visit in Room Paua! It's all go in the junior classroom!

Hello there! 
A few weeks ago, Room Paua students got creative during our reading time. Have a look at the video to see what they got unto!
Very nice video- and it ties in perfectly with  our financial literacy programme we are starting in Room Paua this week too! Gnarley, Ava and Petra have now left Room Paua and are learning well in Room Gold. We all miss you! 

On Thursday, 4th June, we explored temperature in Maths. Each student had a buddy and were asked to place 1 ice cube in what they thought the hottest part of the room was, and an ice cube where they thought the coldest part of the room is. We then kept an eye on them to see which place would melt the ice cubes first- it was a fun experience and of course they gobbled the left over ice up too! Yum! 
We found that the ice cubes melted in the hot area first, and our clever learners chose the perfect hot and cold areas, all by themselves- they chose by the door where there is a crack between the floor and door for the cold part and directly below a roof heater for the hot part. 

Out "hot" ice cube group, pulling some funny faces and trying not to lick their ice-cubes! 

Our "cold" ice cube group watching their ice cubes carefully. 

Our newest learner, Martha with her ice cube by the door. 

This morning, Friday 5th June we and a special visitor from Willow, Stevie's new kitten. The children loved seeing her explore the room and giving her a pat. Thanks Stevie! 

Conley giving Willow a cuddle.

 Quinnton getting a quick pat in. 

Sam touching Willow's soft fur. 

That's all for now- keep an eye out for our assembly item post. We shared our latest learning in Room Paua last week at assembly- we have some superstar learners here!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Here we are in Room Paua practising our skills with balls out on the field.We love doing physical activities in our class!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

We are fit in Room Paua!

Here are some pictures of us learning about ball skills, which has been our P.E focus this term, alongside swimming.
We had a lovely cricket coach in to teach us how to throw and catch a cricket ball. We have some great up and coming cricketeers in Room Paua!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

We love school in Room Paua!

We have been having lots of fun, learning, having adventures in Room Paua this term!
We have had the school swimming sports and triathlon and went for a day trip to Abel Tasman National park which was super exciting!
Each week we will be updating what we have been learning in class- and the children will be helping by choosing words, pictures and telling stories as well. We have recently moved into our new classroom- such a fun and bright place for the students to learn in! Pop in and have a look if you haven't already.
Here are some pictures of what's been going on so far!

We had a dress up afternoon. Lots of working together, using our imaginations and sharing.

Numba Haka came in for a special show- we loved taking part! 

We have been learning about plants and parts of a flower. We have our own veggie garden that we are looking after too! Lot's of hands on learning going on in Room Paua.
In P.E we are learning about ball skills- learning to kick,bounce and pass balls. 

That's all for now- we are going to the library, don't forget, every Friday we visit the school library so remember to bring those books back!
Have a fun week, love Room Paua. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

            Looking forward to our awesome new classroom!!