Thursday, 27 October 2016

cute animals by mila and bella.

Cute dinosaurs

I love purple and blue dinosaurs because blue dinosaurs  look cute with blue spikes and those are my favourite colours.

by Mila

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Mini cute bat

I love baby bats because they are so cute and because they can fly when they are older I would love to have a pet bat with green wings and a red body and the eyes would be pink and my those are my favourite colours.

by Bella

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Ava's cool week

This week I went swimming it was cold.
I went into Vicki's class to make sugar skull. It was fun
In fitness I jumped really high. 

Amelia- I liked doing the mini beast task because you got to choose which insect you were. I choose worms.

Khloe- I liked going swimming this week. I liked doing doggy paddle.

sam's blog

my favourite dinosaur is a gorgesaurus 
In class we have been making word. On the window there are words about everything. we can make sentences from the words an example sentence would be. we like to eat apples with Bridget. - Lennon  

james blog

my favourite dinosaur is a Carnotaurus

hanks blog

we made blossom trees in class and we made snowman. we also made numbers.