Friday, 8 June 2018


What lucky little Kowhai's - many marbles in the jar for helping and being a team member .... treat time!

Thank you Whaea Amanda....

Monday, 7 May 2018

Rana is going to eat a banana and an apple for Read and Feed time.
Lillyana is going to eat grapes for Read and Feed time.

 Hadley is going to eat peaches during our Read and Feed time.

Kasey is going to eat an apple during our Read and Feed time that starts next week.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Introducing our class name, for 2018

Welcome to Room Kōwhai! Nau mai, haere mai!

Room Kōwhai, 2018         Class Level: Years 0 - 2

Teacher: Amanda Davis                           
Classroom Release Teacher: Darrin Andrews
Teacher Aides: Tracy Greenwood and Steve Bache
School Email Address:

Kia ora koutou katoa, nau mai, haere mai ki te Ruma Kōwhai!
Greetings to you all and Welcome to Room Kōwhai!

This year our school focus is “Growing Together”, the children chose our class name, Kōwhai, based on this theme.

Behaviour Management:  During the school day students will be able to ‘Climb the Koru”.  Once at the top they will choose a prize from the class treasure box.

Classroom Timetable:  There is a classroom timetable displayed on the classroom door.  Times of activities can vary depending on the week.

Reading: Students will take part in individual and group reading everyday.  They will read texts chosen for them at their level.  Students will also share stories with a buddy and listen to stories read by the teacher.  Each night students will bring home one book to share with you, it will be a known story and one they have read in class.  They may need help to work out tricky words, there is a laminated card of reading strategies we use at school that you can also use at home to support your child.  They may also bring home alphabet cards to practise alphabet sounds and then high frequency words they can read at home.  Every student will go through the Early Words Reading Programme, which will be delivered by Tracy Greenwood daily.  Their Homework Folders and Early Words scrapbook need to be brought to school each day.

Library:  Room Kōwhai will visit the school library on Friday’s.  Students will borrow up to two books each week and will bring these home to share with you.  Please make sure your child returns their library books on a Friday by bringing them back to school in their homework folder.

Written Language: Students will write every day, they will plan their story by drawing a picture.  We encourage students to write about personal experiences, you can support this at home by talking to your child about what experiences they have had that day and what they think they will write about at school.  Students will work with the teacher to work out words and use their My Word Book and Alphabet Card as support, these will stay with them as they move into Room 4.  We will concentrate on two “Letters of the Week” each week, we will brainstorm words that start with that letter and practise writing it during handwriting.  We use triangular pencils to help encourage correct pencil grip.  We also use sand trays, whiteboards, chalk and water to support correct letter formation.  We will also have two Essential Words to use in our writing each week.

Maths: Maths is taught each day, during the week we spend 80% of our maths time working on numeracy (knowledge of numbers, number patterns, problem solving) and 20% on other maths (measurement geometry and statistics).  At home you can support your child’s learning by using maths in everyday situations e.g. How many bananas are in the fruit bowl?  Who has the most raisins in their box? We also do “Our Calendar” each morning as part of our morning routine.  We learn the days of the week and the months of the year and reinforce counting forwards and backwards as we count the days.  During maths time students will take part in maths games, rhymes and activities to reinforce and extend their knowledge.

Swimming: We take part in swimming during Terms One and Four.  We swim everyday.  Please make sure your child has togs and a towel in a swimming bag on these days.  We encourage boys to wear rash shirts/swimming tops while in the pool.  During Term One Weeks 3 & 4 we will be taking part in the “Swim For Life” programme every day so children will need swimming togs every day during this time.  If your child is not swimming on a particular day please make sure they have a written note or send me a message.

Assembly: School Assembly takes place each Friday at 2.30pm in the hall, all parents and family members are welcome to attend.  Weekly assemblies alternate between Celebration (celebrating children’s work) and Certificate (certificates are awarded for each class to positively reinforce behaviour and effort).  Brooklyn Ako Awards are given out each week.

Stationery: Thank you for supporting your child at school by purchasing the required stationery.  Any unused books will travel with the student into Room 4 when they move on. 

Hats and Sunscreen: Please make sure that your child has sunscreen applied before they come to school.  We do have sunscreen at school that children will be encouraged to apply before morning tea.  Students are expected to wear a Brooklyn School hat which can be purchased at the office.

Clothing: Please name all your child’s clothing.  Any clothing found and not named will be placed in the Lost Property Bins which are located outside the hall.  Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear for school that they can independently put on and take off e.g. if they cannot do their own laces up please don’t send laced shoes to school.  We discourage students to wear necklaces, bangles, fashion earrings and accessories to school as they can become distracting and easily lost, keep special jewellery at home.

Reports: Children in Years 0 to 3 will receive a written report after 6 months and one year.  These reports will come out at the end of each term.  All children will take part in a 5 Year Observation Survey, parents will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the results of this survey and what these results mean.

Experiential Learning:  During our Topic work, we may join other classes in the school for some activities.  This may mean being in groups with other students from Y2-8 where the older children act as Tuakana, helping our Room Kōwhai students.

Te Reo Māori: Te Reo kupu and tikanga will be integrated into everyday school activities and taught specifically through Kapa Haka, Tuakana/Teina Hui and Te Reo Māori lessons.

Music and Singing: Singing and songs will be used to reinforce knowledge and learning through all areas.  This will also be reinforced through Kapa Haka.  During Tuakana/Teina Hui we will learn waiata and songs for assembly.

Fitness & Sport: Students will take part in daily fitness where they will use gross motor skills during games, Perceptual Motor Programmes, Jump Jam and Get Set Go.  Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear for sports each day.

Discovery:  Discovery Time will take place every Friday morning from 9am to morning tea.  We will take part in cooking, gardening, art and craft, building, sport, music and dance activities.  If you have any boxes, egg cartons, cardboard tubes, paper, plastic trays and other containers at home please bring them into school to help support our art and craft resources.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns about your child at school please feel free to come and have a chat with me.  I will be available from 8.30am before school and after 3pm after school.  You can contact me on the above email address or give the school a ring.

I’m looking forward to spending the year with your delightful wee ones!

Amanda Davis

Teacher Room Kōwhai