Thursday, 3 August 2017

lillyana's blog

this week we have been learning maths and playing math games. At morning tea i have been playing tag on the playground with your friends.

Bella's week

We played with dolls.
We did writing and I wrote about my nana.
I did an activity where I had to draw a picture of my family.
My class did kapa haka and we sung a song.
I hade a good week 

By Bella

Matthew's drawing

I did drawing last week with Amanda.
I drew a picture of me and mum going to the supermarket and the warehouse.
We were buying toys at the ware house and food at the supermarket.
I learnt about letters, and I tried to do knitting, but it was too hard and I couldn't do it.
My drawings were very good and lots of fun. I like learning with Amanda.
By Matthew (typed by Dilyn).

The Little Snowman by Jai

In class I have been reading a book called The Little Snowman. The story is about a family playing in the snow. They make snow balls put them together to make a snowman and then add eyes, nose and a scarf. and then the Little snowman gets a hat.

Nina's Week

This week we played and did maths.
In maths we coloured in the pizza. 
We read fairy books 
I counted the numbers all by my self.

By Nina


I like playing cheat on the play ground and sometimes we play shark tag.
I like doing art with Amanda its fun. We've been doing math in a diffarent class. WE had to add the numbers.

I've been spying on Lewis.

Casey and James


This week Emma and Rana have been playing spys. In this game you spy on people and then you chase them.
Lewis was playing with the little kid ,and Fetcher was chasing us.
We had FUN  

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Loving School

Lillyana's week

I made some flower pictures for my mum to give to her on mothers day. I have been writing about cats and dogs. In class I been playing on the Ipads. At morning tea I have been playing on the play ground.

Kasey's blog


I like playing on the ipads because it has my favourite game.
My favourite game is called Talking Tom.
I like it because I get to feed him and clean him with a scrub and I play games with him.
Talking Tom is a grey cat he is fluffy and funny.


Nina's Week

This week I my class and I did hand painting we had to make a flower for our Mum's and Dad's we enjoyed it a lot. We also did some sports like tennis today. I enjoyed tennis.We did drawing we drew Abbey and the little boy.

Marei's Blog


today in my class room I was playing with my toys in the classroom.

My favourite toy I played with was the lalaloopsy.
I like playing my toys because they are colourful 
Image result for lalaloopsyand pretty  


Painting flowers by Bella

We made flowers using our hands we used orange and red. My favourite thing was painting them. I like to look at them.

Moana's Week

This week I played with Merei. I also was biking at home it was really fun. I went on a slide as well I enjoyed it.

Cutting and colouring by Jai

I coloured in pictures of Kangaroos and Kites. After that I cut them out and put them on my paper kite.

Khloe's Flower Painting!

Painting Flowers 

This week we have been making flower paintings in our class room. The colour I used to paint my flower was red. And a little bit of black.

Image result for flowersAmanda my teacher said I did a really good job at my flower painting -Khloe  

Olie's Week

This week my class played some tennis and I learned about soccer and baseball, I also tumbled down a dirt hill. Me and my mum were away for a long time, I did some painting I painted a crocodile and iIheld a cute crocodile and it tryed to snap me. Mum and I went to Takaka for a bit. 

Nardy's week

Nardy's week

I have been playing with cars, I have also been on the ipads. At morning tea I play with the balls. In class I have also been playing with the dolls.
I have also been learning about apples, strawberries, kiwifruit and pineapples.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Kasey's week at school

I painted a rainbow. It had red, blue, green and white.

My favourite colour is blue.

I like playing on the I-pad. My favourite game is Talking Tom. My favourite animal is a tiger.

By Kasey.

Nina's story

I like playing tennis. I like Amby the ambulance. I like swimming. I love school!!!!!

Tennis by Khloe


 Today I played tennis with Ash. I liked hitting the ball over the net to my partner. I really enjoyed it. 
by Khole

Tennis With Ash

This morning my class Room 3 went out on the court to do tennis I like tennis. My favourite part was when Ash threw tennis balls at us. The first time she tried to hit me, she got me but the second time she tried , i was too tricky. ⇔                  

by Ollie and Lewis
Image result for tennisImage result for tennisImage result for tennis

Todays Tennis

Today Ash came to do tennis with us to day. the hardest part was rolling the ball around the tennis racket. 
My favourite part was squishing the ball with the tennis racket like a spider. 

By Emma

Having fun in Room Whetu

I like playing on the I Pads. My favourite game is Temple Run because you have to run away from the monster.
I also like playing with the toys. The best toy is the giraffe because he is the most cuddly. 
I like any of the toys if they are cuddly!
I think the painting is really fun- I get to paint pictures of all my friends!
At morning tea I play with my best friend Mere.

I love Brooklyn School!

By Rana and Dilyn

Mareikura's blogg post

This week I've been playing tennis it was fun and I played dress up with my friends.
Kathryn visited us with a big ambulance.
I played with the toys and I painted water 

Bella's story

It was fun.
Phone 111 for the ambulance we talk on the phone.
We saw Amby the ambulance.
We played fruit at tennis we went past the ball.

By Bella

My Post.

In class we have been doing painting and reading books about cats. My favourite game is hide and seek.  


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Swim for Life Showcase

The clever floaters and kickers with streamlined bodies in the water.

Kei te pai rawe!