Friday, 16 October 2015

Welcome to Term 4!

Kia ora and welcome back to another fun, full on and educational term in our junior classroom!

This term we are focusing on a variety of things across the learning strands.

In Maths, the students are continuing to build up their knowledge of numbers from 0-20 and counting backwards too.
Bridget will be working out the students as they learn about Volume and Capacity- lots of measuring and working with liquids. Later in the term we will be exploring our problem solving skills.

In Reading, our goal is to see each child improve their reading levels- we have some super readers in our class, very pleasing to see! We have been doing choral reading with the senior class every day and our juniors love showing off their reading skills to the seniors! 

With our writing, we are continuing to work on letter formation, finger spaces, full stops and sounding out words. 

We have a big focus on Te Reo this term, as we will be having a Hangi in Week 9, exciting stuff!!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next week- we have lots of pictures to show you of our beautiful cloaks, our science experiments and our Reggie Veggie pictures!

We welcomed our newest member, Nuku into our class at the end of last term, which see our numbers go up to 15 students.

If you have any spare time, we would appreciate a helper in class to glue work into books, cut and prepare sheets etc- pop in and see either Shena or Bridget. 

Also a reminder that Brooklyn School's renowned Book Fair is coming up on the 31st October- all proceeds go towards the wellbeing of your children- so please help out where you can, either see Shena, Bridget or Vicki Karetai. Thanks in advance for your support!!